Why Does My Motor Oil Look So Dirty?

Staying on top of your auto maintenance schedule can help you discover minor issues before they turn into extensive and costly ones — and one familiar trouble most drivers run into is filthy and contaminated engine oil! You'd probably be shocked to know that dark and dirty engine oil isn't always an alarming symptom. Let's go over what causes oil to degrade, what's expected, and what's not.


What Are the Common Causes of Dirty Engine Oil?

Over time, your oil filter can collect dirt, debris, and a whole lot of gunk. All these contaminants can cause your engine oil to become polluted. The collection is expected, but you should exchange the oil and oil filter once the oil becomes contaminated. Dirty oil can bring harm to your car by damaging engine components, decreasing fuel efficiency, and even causing a complete breakdown. Other notable causes of dirty oil include too long intervals between oil changes, engine wear and tear, and operating a vehicle without an oil filter change


What Should You Look For When Inspecting Your Oil?

An expert auto technician has a keen eye when it comes to dirty motor oil and its cause. However, you may also be able to spot some clues on your own by closely examining the color of the oil. Fresh, new engine oil is supposed to be a clear golden, amber color, similar to the color of honey. Over the course of the interval, the motor oil may change colors. For instance, brown or gray motor oil with a cloudy or creamy texture could hint at a coolant leak or excessive engine idling. Whereas reddish tone oil may mean there's an automatic transmission fluid leak. These differences in your oil's color and viscosity will ultimately hinder your oil from doing its job. If you notice any of these symptoms in your Mercedes Benz, please pay us a visit at MBClinic.


Without high-quality oil, your vehicle will not be able to get you from place to place. When anything looks or feels unusual with your motor oil, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. For the expertise of oil changes and other auto services of Mercedes Benz, please give our specialists a call or visit today!