How to Prolong Your Windshield Wipers Between Each Change

Windshield wipers are an essential part of our Mercedes-Benz; however, their owners often overlook them. Wiper blades ensure your safety by helping you see clearly when you drive in rain, snow, or fog. But, wipers can be very disturbing after they've lost their effectiveness. This is why you must stay on top of when these blades need to be replaced. Some symptoms of aging wipers include skittering, streaking, or squeaking. Ultimately, your wipers will end up impairing your vision instead of helping it if you leave them for too long. Experts recommend that you should swap them out every six months to a year. You can elongate the intervals by taking care of your wipers and following these tips:

  • Clean your windshield! Wiping your windscreen regularly will eliminate any debris present on that glass surface that could stick to your wiper blades. 
  • Clean your wipers. The more you use your wipers, the more it will collect dust and dirt. You can wipe the rubber parts to preserve the material.
  • Apply a rubber treatment. In addition to wiping the sticks, you can also add a rubber protectant directly onto the blade to maintain its quality.
  • Don't have them on when your windshield is dry. 
  • Park in the Shade. Direct sun exposure can dry out the wipers faster and even cause them to warp or bend (if they're cheap). 

Next time your Mercedes-Benz is due for a maintenance service, ask one of our mechanics to inspect (and replace) your windshield wipers. We can also check your windshield fluid and top it off if needed. If you feel like your wiper performance is lacking, please let someone on our team know. At MBClinic Inc, we can replace your windshield wipers on your Mercedes-Benz with ease. Please give us a call at (303) 625-6374 today.