Car Washing Tips for Your Mercedes-Benz

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you're already lucky as is; but if you have a driveway, you're even more fortunate. Without a doubt, you should be taking advantage of the opportunity and hand-wash your car at your convenience. Here are some of our top tips on how to perfect your car wash!

  1. Always use a microfiber cloth. Using a scratchy t-shirt or coarse rag to scrub on your Mercedes-Benz is every enthusiast's worst nightmare; they can put scratches on your vehicle, so avoid anything other than microfiber if you can. 
  2. Use the two-bucket approach. The technique does matter when you wash your car. You should keep one bucket for the dirty soap and water and the other for clean and clear water. Using this system can ensure that you aren't reapplying dirt and grime onto your Mercedes-Benz from the dirty bucket of water.
  3. Don't forget about the interior. You might be tempted to stop after cleaning the outside of your car, but the inside is just as important. Over time, your interior accumulates loads of dust, hair, crumbs, and who knows what. 
  4. NEVER use household soaps or detergents to wash your car. This is a common mistake that most people make; while it may be convenient to grab the closest soap you have on hand, the cleaning agent of dish soap or laundry detergent has the properties to remove oil and grease. It is not made to be used on your car. You can ruin your Mercedes-Benz's exterior paint if you apply such a harsh cleaning agent. Instead, please utilize a soap specifically made for the car body. 

Vehicle maintenance can mean more than what happens at the auto repair shop; it also includes making healthy habits at home too. Hopefully, these tips will help you in your next car wash at home. For reliable tips and auto repair services in Denver, CO, please call or visit MBClinic Inc.