What To Do If Your Check Engine Light Comes On

The check engine warning light is a part of every vehicle's on board diagnostics system. When something goes wrong with your ignition, fuel system, exhaust, or other related system, this amber/yellow light will come on as a response to inform you of the trouble. The problem can be further deciphered by reading the car’s OBD II code. When your check engine light comes on, we advise that you bring your car to the professionals at MBClinic Inc to diagnose your check engine light problem.  


Check engine lights should be handled with caution. Here is what you should do on your part when this warning symbol appears on your dash:

  1. Observe the Light - Is the light still or flashing? These behaviors can mean two completely different things. If it flashes continuously for more than several seconds, it is an indication that there is an emergency problem. You should stop driving immediately.
  2. Pull Over Safely - Regardless of whether your check engine light is blinking or not, pull over to a safe spot to investigate the problem. Check your gas cap to see if it is damaged or missing. 
  3. Check for Odd Signs - Did you notice something wrong with the vehicle's handling? And is your vehicle giving off a strange smell, noise, or smoke? This information can help our team rule out the problem faster.
  4. Get Your Car to MBClinic Inc - At the end of the day, it is best to leave check engine light repairs to trained and knowledgeable mechanics. We have advanced technology and equipment to diagnose your car accurately and perform the necessary repairs. 

Is it Safe to Continue Driving If Your Check Engine Light Is Steady?

Now that you know that you shouldn’t drive with a flashing check engine light, what about a steady one? If nothing sounds, smells, or looks alarming, it should be safe to drive home or wherever you need to go. However, you should not leave the light lingering on your dashboard for long. Otherwise, the damage can spread, leading to more expensive repairs. 


If you need engine repair or check engine light diagnostics, we welcome you to bring your automobile to the repair specialists at MBClinic Inc today! Feel free to give us a call to make an appointment.