How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

Most drivers do not know many parts of the vehicle besides the wheels and body wear and tear over time. Some parts, such as shock absorbers, remain unattended, yet they are essential for your car to run smoothly. Unfortunately, a time will come when you must replace them for your vehicle to run at peak condition.

What Are Shocker Absorbers?

Your vehicle has a suspension system that buffers the vehicle from rough bouncing, especially if you drive on rough roads. The shock absorbers remain a critical part of the suspension system. They often use liquid or compressed gas to absorb the bounces caused by potholes and speed bumps.

After How Long Should You Change Shock Absorbers

Assigning the minimum years or miles you should expect to change your shock absorbers is virtually impossible. Many variables, such as road conditions and vehicle use, affect the shock absorbers' lifespan. Expect the suspension parts to last at least four years if you subject your vehicle to excessive use. However, it is not strange for the shocks to last longer for a vehicle driven on a smooth pavement. Shocks wear faster in a vehicle that frequently carries heavy loads on unpaved roads with larges cracks and potholes.

Top Signs That You Need to Replace Shock Absorbers

Some drivers or car owners do not replace the shock absorbers because they tell when they have worn out. The best advice is to request your mechanic check your shock absorbers when you go to the auto shop for an oil change. However, the following symptoms indicate that your car needs a shock absorber replacement:

  • A car with a droopy bottom or dripping front over a speed bump
  • Bumping and knocking in the car's rear suspension
  • Jarring rides on unpaved roads
  • A bouncing rear front
  • A loose rear end when making around turns.

Visit A Mercedes-Benz Expert for Shock Absorbers Replacement

If you notice any symptoms indicating that your engine requires attention, an experienced mechanic will help you diagnose the problem. Our expert will inspect each shock absorber and replace defective ones if you visit or bring your vehicle to our repair auto shop immediately!