Get Your Mercedes-Benz Ready for the Summer

The hot summer weather is finally here, along with a higher volume of traffic. Most people tend to hit the roads more often in the summer months. This makes automotive maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz even more important during the summer. If you want to avoid breakdowns and accidents, follow these tips below:

  • A/C - Summer isn’t summer without working air conditioning. Have a mechanic check out your Mercedes-Benz’s A/C system to ensure you’re good on refrigerant.
  • Cooling System - Overheating is the top cause of summer vehicle breakdowns. To beat the heat, you will need to ensure your cooling system is in tip top shape. Get a coolant flush if you want to be extra cautious.
  • Oil Change - You should always follow Mercedes-Benz’s specifications for oil change intervals. Running your engine with low or dirty oil can cause costly engine repairs down the line.
  • Lights - Check to see if your headlights are working and lit properly. 
  • Windshield Wipers - Summer rain showers can sneak up on you. You’ll need a fresh pair of windshield wipers to clear off your windshield. 
  • Brakes - If your brakes feel or act weird, such as slow responding or making squeals, be sure to have your Mercedes-Benz braking system inspected. Otherwise, you could put your and others’ safety at risk.
  • Battery - Batteries tend to do the worse in heat. The heat can accelerate corrosion buildup, which can weaken your battery’s charge. If you're planning on doing a lot of driving this summer, it is best to come to our auto repair shop for a battery test.
  • Tires - Tires require some of the most maintenance when it comes to your Mercedes-Benz. From tire rotations to wheel alignments, it is important that your tires are road worthy. You should also check their tire tread and tire pressure.

If you need help preparing your Mercedes-Benz for your summer adventures, please call or stop by MBClinic Inc today.