MBClinic and South Denver Automotive care about you.

  • We have only 5 employees at MBClinic for the last 13 years so it’s easier for us to manage minimal exposure to you
  • We have only 6 employees at South Denver Automotive for the last 31 years to manage minimal exposure to you
  • We can be a Touch Free service that includes a secure drop box at front of both buildings, just leave your name and phone number to reach you at if you choose not to come in
  • We offer a complementary pick up and delivery service of your vehicle if that would be more convenient for you with an appointment
  • Every vehicle will be disinfected internally before and after repairs on all things that the technician touches and gloves will always be used
  • As always complementary Loaner vehicles available with an appointment with drop off as well to your place of employment or residence.

We know that it’s difficult and trying times out there knowing that everyday you never know what’s going to happen next. We are here on the front lines and understand fully how important it is now more than ever to have your vehicles running to get to supplies that are needed. Our staff at both locations have all volunteered to stay on board to assist those first responders and all of humanity to keep cars running as long as all parts suppliers and our government allows us to. We Love you all and Care about the well being of your families transportation. This is the oath we took as Technicians and Service Advisors, to help those with transportation whether it's to the grocery store or to the hospital because most of us are not fortunate enough to live close to one to walk there. It’s our honor to serve you as long as we are allowed.


Chris Heintzman
MBClinic, Inc. and South Denver Automotive